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    Hello There!

    Sigrid & Co. (Previously Meraki Home Accents) is an online store located in New York City, our passion is helping communities in developing countries thrive. We believe that there is nothing more luxurious than having a unique handmade piece that tells a story and at the same time charmingly decorates your home.
    With the purchase of our products, you are helping us empower and keep communities of artisans in different parts of the world alive while offering them a better quality of life.
    Our mission is to create awareness about the value of handmade products, using traditional techniques that sometimes take weeks to complete, which means numerous hours of work in the creation of a single item. We stand by a conscious luxury concept with sustainable practices to give people around the world a chance of a better life, one purchase at the time.
    All our products are hand picked to ensure modern designs with beautiful, textures and cheerful colors, always conserving the influences from the country that our pieces come from and being owned and run by new yorkers, you might also notice the distinctive boldness on our accessories, this way, you will find Sigrid & Co. decorative influences from around the world

    For over a year we worked in the developing of our designs working closely with artisans and associations that work directly with them, launching on November 2016 we keep growing our line of products and increasing our partnerships with more artisans around the world 

    Thank you so much for being here and for your support!


    Sigrid & Co.

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